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I have decided to move to a bigger city. I got a great job, its closer to my family. Only ex wont let my kids come with me. So now I get to see them on thier breaks and the summer. I am not happy about this, & have talked to lawyers, they say its costly and I dont have alot to go on. Which I dont understand, when I had no job opportunitys where i was with the kids. & now I do. Im so happy here and things are going really well, why cant I have my kids to. WHy does it have to be such a fight.HE has no job..Goes to school 2 days a week.... no family back there. ahhhhhh... Then again, hes good to the kids, they arent in harms way. they are 10 & 8. I talk to them everyday. I am not doing anything wrong! but as mother it hurts so very bad to not have them with me. IF I go back, i have no job, no place, nothing !  I know this is where I need to be, and my kids too. I hate fighting.

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