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I am really learning alot about myself and this dating thing. Its so hard. Especially with children, and past hurts. Wow.. I am still holding on to things from the past & trying to let go, after 2 yrs now of being divorced.I serisouly am finding myself or a improved version of myself. I was dating a guy that talked and was emotionaly supportive, but not much of anything else, and the other guy was phycial attratcion but not emotioanly, and a mamas boy. i know the perfect guy doenst exsist.. but MY perfect (which means, not what someone else would consider perfect) guy is out there somewhere. I was in a ver controlling marriage, so it is very freeing to start saying no, and it feels so good. But crazy how much i became someone who had no opinion on anything anymore or even knew what I wanted.

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