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Wow.... i am amazed at what I have experienced, these last few years. Alot of truth i didnt want to hear. and alot of reality I wanted but didnt expect the  outcome.. I have heard so much about what people really do in a marriage, and was so disheartedned..... plz excuse my spelling.....and yet felt justifyed!  I  know of one marriage honest and happy all the others not so much.  The open marraige thing ... what a mess.... the happy happy joy joy marriage... ya right..... want to clarify but so tired right now.. cant...... but so full of words and feelings i want to type away.... 
I was not happy with my marriage after a mth or so..... I made a decison that I regret. but tryed to make it be worth while. but it wasnt...... 2 kids and 10 yrs later.. i had enough.!!!!!!!!!  to be continued....

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