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What to do???

I have decided to move to a bigger city. I got a great job, its closer to my family. Only ex wont let my kids come with me. So now I get to see them on thier breaks and the summer. I am not happy about this, & have talked to lawyers, they say its costly and I dont have alot to go on. Which I dont understand, when I had no job opportunitys where i was with the kids. & now I do. Im so happy here and things are going really well, why cant I have my kids to. WHy does it have to be such a fight.HE has no job..Goes to school 2 days a week.... no family back there. ahhhhhh... Then again, hes good to the kids, they arent in harms way. they are 10 & 8. I talk to them everyday. I am not doing anything wrong! but as mother it hurts so very bad to not have them with me. IF I go back, i have no job, no place, nothing !  I know this is where I need to be, and my kids too. I hate fighting.

Life lessons... Dateing

I am really learning alot about myself and this dating thing. Its so hard. Especially with children, and past hurts. Wow.. I am still holding on to things from the past & trying to let go, after 2 yrs now of being divorced.I serisouly am finding myself or a improved version of myself. I was dating a guy that talked and was emotionaly supportive, but not much of anything else, and the other guy was phycial attratcion but not emotioanly, and a mamas boy. i know the perfect guy doenst exsist.. but MY perfect (which means, not what someone else would consider perfect) guy is out there somewhere. I was in a ver controlling marriage, so it is very freeing to start saying no, and it feels so good. But crazy how much i became someone who had no opinion on anything anymore or even knew what I wanted.


Wow.... i am amazed at what I have experienced, these last few years. Alot of truth i didnt want to hear. and alot of reality I wanted but didnt expect the  outcome.. I have heard so much about what people really do in a marriage, and was so disheartedned..... plz excuse my spelling.....and yet felt justifyed!  I  know of one marriage honest and happy all the others not so much.  The open marraige thing ... what a mess.... the happy happy joy joy marriage... ya right..... want to clarify but so tired right now.. cant...... but so full of words and feelings i want to type away.... 
I was not happy with my marriage after a mth or so..... I made a decison that I regret. but tryed to make it be worth while. but it wasnt...... 2 kids and 10 yrs later.. i had enough.!!!!!!!!!  to be continued....

Learning.... still...

I thought I was seeing this guy, but it really was like I was waiting around for when he wasnt busy to spend w/ me. Ugh.... I started making excuses... and realized i wasnt haveng fun, and my gut was telling me this was wrong. But even now that I know I need to walk away, it hurts. Doesnt make sence.... hes no good for me, so why does it hurt? double ugh. I have defiently realized, i am not ready for a relationship, and need to follow gut from the get go.

Dating....after Divorce.

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